Cleanups To Date

Opportunities to participate will be updated here on a regular basis.

Upcoming Cleanups

  • Join us for a Community Cleanup Near WHS; Near the Salsipuedes Creek!

    Thursday, Nov 30, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM.
    Meet: Watsonville Buddhist Temple Parking Lot, 423 Bridge Street, Watsonville

    Everyone is invited to come out and help cleanup!

  • Every Monday Main Beach Cleanup in front of Board Walk at 8:00AM (join us!)

    "We really need the community to step up and help clean Main Beach, especially after Memorial Day. Today we found two dead sea birds, a dead sea otter pup along with what we regularly pick up, numerous cans, food packaging waste and cigarette butts."
    - citizen activist Donna Maurillo

Cleanups Accomplished

Paulsen Road Watsonville Cleanup

November 2, 2022

As the skies threatened rain, 18 volunteers bundled warm against the fall chill, worked their way slowly down Paulsen Road with grabbers and garbage bags in hand. This county road which transitions from Whiting Road into Paulsen bisects colorful vineyards, ornamental greenhouses, farm land, and housing.

Casserly Creek runs across Paulsen Road. It is a 6.2-mile stream, flowing from Santa Clara county through Watsonville.  Casserly Creek is part of the Corralitos Creek Watershed, which is the largest watershed under the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency. Casserly Creek is a part of the Region 3 Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board.  At an elevation of 18 meters this stream is named for Eugene Casserly who historically owned land in the area. In harsh weather conditions, this creek is prone to flooding. It is another fragile habitat, where fish including largemouth bass fry and even the possibility of steelhead trout take shelter.

Beneath the tangle of burgundy blackberry leaves, torch bright poison oak, and clusters of ruby wild rose hips, the glint of glass could be seen. Numerous illegally discarded liquor and beer bottles, along with slurpy cups, straws, foil wrappers, food containers, cigarette butts, plastic and undetermined trash marred the scene. Tiny birds could be seen flitting between branches camouflaging dumped dirty diapers, bags of old clothes, and food waste. Volunteers picked up several bar-b-ques, broken furniture, box springs, mattresses, and 11 tires.

There were numerous sharps— knives, straight edged blades, scissors, and razors. Two large bags contained the entrails and skins of butchered goats writhing with maggots. “This is what is happening to our community. And it need to stop!” sighed one volunteer.

Kudos and appreciation goes out to members of Watsonville Works, Santa Cruz County Public Works, Council district 4 and the American Legion.

In addition, a grassroots citizen activist group who are now a part of the overall Trash Talkers effort were there to clean up Paulsen Road. Mostly retired women, these citizens are tired of the trash! They are Wetlands Watch Volunteers, Birders, and individuals who care about the health of the environment and our community. A deep bow of gratitude to them for their stalwart participation in this and many other cleanups! On their own volition they have picked up litter on walking trails, neighborhood streets, and around the sloughs to help eradicate this problem.

Cleanups image
Citizen volunteers, Watsonville Works, The American Legion, and the County of Santa Cruz Public Works collaborated to clean up Paulsen Road. Sadly, due to the volume of Illegal dumping found there, only half of the road could be addressed.
Cleanups image
Bags of garbage have been thrown into the Creek on Paulsen Road.
Cleanups image
Two volunteers pause in front of trash picked up on Paulsen Road.
Cleanups image
Council Dist. 4 and Cleanup organizer Ramon Gomez with 11 tires pulled from creek along Paulsen Road.
Cleanups image
Santa Cruz County Public Works Truck assisting volunteers on Paulsen Road.
Cleanups image
Miscellaneous furniture, bar-b-ques, mattresses, and trash found in the bird filled bushes along Paulsen Road.
Cleanups image
Cleanup group photo on Paulsen Road.